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The Company was founded by Richard Hester, QPM in 1995 after a successful career spanning 32 years in the Metropolitan Police. Drawing from a highly experienced network of associates within law enforcement, banking agencies, forensic accounting and ex-military, the Company has grown into a fully integrated security consulting, investigative and protective service, operating in the main international arena.

Richard Hester Associates Ltd specialises in investigating employee dishonesty, asset search and recovery, money laundering, pre-employment vetting, intellectual property protection, financial fraud, due diligence investigations, surveillance and close protection. Many corporations now suffer from lack of security expertise in critical areas of risk management. The company entered the field of security consulting driven by client demand and is able to call upon an extensive range of investigative resources to enable it to conduct a wide variety of investigations and examinations in support of loss of prevention, and loss recovery.


Richard Hester Associates Ltd offers exceptional range of skills and experience. We have expertise to handle all your corporate concerns with highest quality of professional service at all times. With our in-house surveillance capability, which includes both static and mobile operatives, we are equipped to undertake all aspects of intelligence gathering.

Our investigations are thorough and produce essential details and information. We are able to adapt our approach to circumstances of any investigations to meet your needs and ensure complete confidentiality and discretion at all times.

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